The Constant Assassinations Of Powerful Leaders

Throughout the many years of oppression held over melanated nation, there have been a number of powerful leaders murdered in cold blood.
Each leader had their own unique charisma and following. Their followers were millions of black people ranging from young to old. It was very apparent that each Messiah was on the verge of bringing about a major change and consciousness amongst people of color, whether they’d be Moors or Africans.

No matter how different their messages were delivered, these leaders had the same common goals; peace, unity and equality for black people. The freedom fighters varied from military minded to peaceful, men to women, young to old, black to brown, and reverends to entertainers.
Apparently it is a death wish to speak and spread truth for the power of the people as we can all see, clearly because they were all assassinated. These killings occured in very slick and secretive ways. Some were sniped, some were made to appear accidental.
There are too many to cover at once, so let’s just name a few:

1. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Had a dream to end segregation amongst black and white people. Very peaceful and strongly believed in boycotting the oppressors with our currency and purchases. Lead a million plus men in a March. Many people are unaware that Dr. King made a speech confessing that he believed that we’re integrating into a burning house and that he was on his way to Washington DC to cash the check owed to black people (reparations). In the end, his peaceful protests demanding justice got his life taken away.


2. John F. Kennedy- President of the United States. Hardworking, genuinely cared about American citizens. Was working on making major changes to the Babylon branch. Kennedy also did not approve of the Federal Reserve that now control America. He is said to had visited Germany and understood what Adolf Hitler stood for in regards to fighting for the rights of Germans against Zionism. Kennedy was assassinated while in Dallas TX.


3. Whitney Houston- Traveled to Afrika, discovered her true identity. Broke almost every female musical record possible. Had a voice that could wake up hundreds of millions. After her baptism in the Jordan river, she was later found dead in her bathtub under suspicious circumstances. It is believed that she was killed because of what she found out. 


4. Michael Jackson-Number one entertainer that ever lived. Revealed to the public that everything in our history books were lies. Explained to the nation that as soon as he broke every record in the music industry, he became a target. Jackson had just won a major lawsuit against Sony Records. Next thing we know, he’s dead and his doctor is on trial for alleged negligence or malpractice. How convenient that this murder happened right before he was scheduled to go on tour and most like continue waking up the nation.


5. Malcolm X-The NOI leader, who taught us the meaning of “By Any Means Necessary”. Brother Malcolm fought and lost his life fighting for real freedom of Afro Americans. He reminded us quite often that our communities should come first and we needed to nation build in order to be sufficient and free. The main memory of this particular leader was the fact that he taught us to not ask or beg for freedom but we must take it. Once again, he paid the ultimate price for preaching unity and independence in the black community. He was murdered in front of his pregnant wife and children.

6. Dr. Huey Percy Newton-One half of the founders and leaders of The Black Panther Party. Newton fought for the Black community like the true soldier that he was. He was responsible along with the other members of the Panthers that provided the free breakfast program for the children in our community. Dr. Newton was very active in the neighborhoods and made it his duty to protect black citizens from police brutality. He was murdered for standing his ground and loving his people.

7. Tupac Shakur-The very intelligent, outspoken, misunderstood rap star that used his platform to teach the black youth about standing up for themselves, Illuminati, the government is a gang and The Revolution. Tupac could switch it up from party music to educating us to open our eyes and fighting the broken system. He made us aware that the entire system was a set up for the black family to fail from the get go. Due to Tupacs awakening messages in his music against the government, he instantly became a target and deemed as only a thug. He was then accused for a rape which was never really proven to be true, sent to prison as millions of black people are. Tupac was shot multiple times and survived because he was a true warrior. Eventually there was a second shooting targeted at Shakur which unfortunately ended his life at the young age of 25.


Although there were a few people arrested in a couple of these coldblooded murders, there are still a million unanswered questions. These leaders were so loved by Afrikans, there was in my opinion, no way a black person could’ve done this, especially since they all died fighting for our freedom.

There is this organization called Cointelpro said to be CIA agents, that specifically targets black leaders or any powerful figure attempting to liberate the black nation. The goal is to prevent “The Rise Of The Black Messiah”. CIA is infiltrated and controlled by the ruling elite also known as Zionists (America + Israel). When you really think about it, that could be the reason these murders were never solved. Would the government indict themselves? These leaders all have two things in common: 1. Murdered 2. Powerful Leaders Able To Wake Up A Nation.

If officials could solve “Sarah’s” murder around the corner, who is just a suburban homemaker, surely they would be able to solve the assassinations of such powerful leaders.

It is more than evident that until we cut the head off of the snake that control our military, police forces, schools, central banking, media, newspapers, history books, entertainment, televisions, food & water, we will not be able to stop the control we’re clearly under.


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