Gods In Chains 

It was planned long ago

A well calculated one

Hidden agendas

The plan to despise, deprive and demise of the black man

We see now, oh how we know

Forced to struggle, they came for our fathers

Bearing mass tricks of trouble

Cages created to suffocate

Populations indoctrinated with illusions and confusion.

Society afraid to communicate with the gods, 

Instead Oppressors spread hate 

Propagate of tales of violence

They look and stare, in their minds, it’s deeply rooted fear

Slave catchers programmed to shoot 

Worldwide awakening of the melanated nation

We see now, oh how we know

Ascension of consciousness

The seeds were planted, we sew, we grow

The trees too strong for the breeze,

They cut and chop, we indigenous

Our Ancestors lead us, reminding each one, 

How they built civilizations

Trails of knowledge for Nations

Discoveries over centuries

In Israel, Egypt, Giza, even China

True Gods, never to be stopped

We see now, of how we know

So they control and contain to prevent our growth 

Systematic chains and ways to refrain 

Otherwise we would win again

Like in Ancient times, the days when we reigned as Kings and Queens. 

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