There are so many different things that come to mind when thinking about the flow of allowing. It is a calm and steady vibration of complete acceptance of oneself as well as your surroundings. When one is allowed to freely be themselves, growth is inevitable. There is now room made for the purpose of flourishing.

The quicker we integrate all parts of ourselves, the less we are distracted by outside influence. Although there will always be influence around us, we must still trust in our own instinct and judgement. Through this process righteousness should be displayed at all times in every step of the way. The righteous will inherent great blessings and the seeds planted shall surely bloom.

Life! Allowing life to move you, to move through you. What I’ve been practicing lately is observation. The art of observation can be quite peaceful as well as educational. When doing this, I realized how unique and similar the world is. Everyone needs love but our love languages vary from person to person. That’s the beauty of life. If everything was the same, how dull would that be? So knowing this and for that very reason, allowing is quite fulfilling and freeing all in one. I learn from my sisters and brothers on a daily basis. Allowing teaches compassion above all. Compassion is essential in healing our planet. Stepping into the shoes of our fellow neighbors touches our heart chakras on another level.

Living and thriving is what matters at the end of the day. No one can take what’s inside of you regardless to any situation that is being presented to you. Much of what we were taught in school was what not to do but we already know right from wrong. I believe we should have learned how to connect with our souls and how to make our spirits fly. Allowance could have done just that. After discovering this, my purpose became crystal clear to me. To freedom!

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