Business Minded

Today’s focus is on business moves. In this new millennium, there are ample ways to level up and succeed. What stands out to me about successful businesses is, they discover the problem then create a solution based on that. A problem can be tiny or large. That is not really important. What’s important is the business is there to solve whatever issue there may be.

Today we have thousands of ranges of companies tackling specific consumers or audiences based upon the needs of society. In business, there will definitely be sacrifices because it is rare that success is ever just easily handed to anyone. I believe the top business people in the world sacrified a lot of time, energy, sweat and tears. The world doesn’t see that part, the world would rather see results. So there is not a ton of time to sulk at any setbacks. Determination beats procrastination.

Years ago, I was super self conscious when it came down to showing my art, which is my writings. Then one day an old friend of mine took my work and began showing it around town. After that, I received a couple of phone calls, one was an offer to publish my writings and another, to write wedding vows for a beautiful couple who wanted to renew their wedding vows after 20 years of marriage.

Needless to say, I was deeply honored at the opportunities. They believed in me and hired me on the spot. I held off on the publishing part because of fear. You see, the couple needed my services and I had no idea how important it was to them for me to help with their incredibly special ceremony, but it was so.

Fast forward to 2019. I let go of fear, got business minded and decided to push myself. As you can see, I now have my own brand with many more surprises in store for 2020. I keep hearing this saying: IT’S TIME TO BOSS UP! And I couldn’t agree more. I can still hear Mrs. Jones, my high school teacher yelling at us when we started to slack. She would always say, “handle your business”. I’ll never forget those words either.

The time is now!

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