Hashtag #BlackGirlTragic

There is another popular yet disturbing and tragic hashtag trending on social media called #blackgirltragic. When you first come across this type of information on a supposedly fun website such as Facebook or Instagram, it takes you by surprise to say the least. Scrolling through social media can bring you to a lot of laughter and knowledge to new and exciting things to do based upon your particular interests. Much can be learned through social media and we get to meet people from all different types of places in the world. The photos are interestingly beautiful and dreamy for the most part. Social media brings about a wonderful way to play with your imagination. Some users even have pretend lives on there but that’s another topic. Everyone wants to look cool, be popular and play it up a little bit but reality doesn’t look like that at all. That’s where hashtag #blackgirltragic comes in and things get real quickly.

It got so real that I haven’t been able to get it off of my mind in over six months. This hashtag shows the murders of black women all across America of which we rarely hear about or see on the local news outlets for that matter. What’s difficult to believe is how often these murders occur and how it is swept under the rug. Maybe we are somewhat numb to pain at this point in our lives in America but it’s something no one should ever accept. Women are here to nurture and be protected. So how did we end up at this point? Hopefully that question can be answered sooner than later. These are mothers, wives, daughters and sisters taken away from their loved ones violently and abruptly. Many of these murders were done at the hands of their spouses, sadly. Well, I’ve had enough of the silence and have decided to air out this dirty secret to free as many as possible.

Think about how unnecessary their deaths were. It could be someone you know fighting for her life secretly. Domestic abuse is usually a slow killer that leads to and abrupt death and family and friends left feeling helpless after it is much too late. Knowing this, we could maybe be a little less judgemental and more compassionate when either victims come foward and confess or we have suspicions of such cases.

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