Therapy Through Journaling

Writing is therapeutic for me and I’m sure millions of others. Growing up, I didn’t talk much so in order to express my feelings, I turned to pen and paper. This gave me an outlet to release without judgement. No judgement was always important to me and I can’t really say why. For the most part I write poems and sometimes short stories but journaling is becoming a hobby as well. There are too many journals around my home and office to count. The self-care journal is currently my favorite because it’s very organized and detailed to the point where you can focus and think clearly about what or how you’re feeling.

In this particular journal, there are sections to help you express your intentions, dreams, eating habits, exercise, social and spiritual practices, creative work and even other forms of therapy that you may be participating in. There is also a section for daily reflection. The reflection pages of the journal focuses on physical feelings such as energized, relaxed, weak, stressed, tired etc. It is a section for recording fun and stressful activities of your day, your mood as you wake up and before going to bed at night. Lastly and most importantly the section that I love dearly is, ‘kind things I did for myself’.

The reason this journal is my absolute favorite is because I’m simply all over the place mentally. My mind races at a thousand thoughts per minute so organization helps me tremendously and I actually get to see just how much I give to myself. Remember that self-care is not selfish. It is a necessity that many of us were not taught. Journaling keeps reminding me of that. Take care.

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