A World Of Girl Dads

Since the untimely death of NBA star Kobe Bryant, dads all over the world are showing up and showing their hearts off in beautiful photos dedicated to their daughters. The horrific helicopter accident which took the lives of both Kobe and his daughter Gianna seemed to cause an awakening with the fathers all around the world of just how precious and short life could be. The hashtag #girldad has taken social media by storm and that’s a really great thing. Even though this new wave brings about warmth and smiles to millions of us, there are too many girls that are dad-less. I am one of those girls and I know lots of others dealing with that harsh reality. We sit on the sidelines and sometimes get comfort watching our friends receive the love of their father’s that we never had. That could be therapy for some. In light of this new and much needed movement, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the most heartwarming photos collected from either family or social media sites that I recently came across. But first, let’s show some compassion to the girls who are missing out on a luxury of having the unconditional love of a dad.

Dedication to girls without dads

Children are our future and at these stages in their lives it is imperative to receive love from both mom and dad as well as the community in order to thrive as a mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy human being. Our future depends on it.

Memories last in our hearts forever but isn’t it a different kind of special when it is able to be captured on film? That’s the beauty of technology. You can always go back and reminisce on good times.

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