Catching Flights Not Feelings

Lately I’ve been encouraging more people to travel since recently, I’ve gotten a taste of just that. Being that I am newly divorced and single for the first time in over 20 years. I realized that I had been in relationships since I was a teenager without ever really stepping back and spending time with myself. Getting to know me has been more fun than any relationship I ever had. Learning new skills and practicing new habits forced to me dig deep for self-love. This world is a big place and we are not obligated to stick to any particular region. Stepping into this newly found wisdom taught me what freedom truly is. Freedom is internal. It is mental. Once you realize this there is an understanding that takes over. Love is beautiful but can be detrimental to your growth if you are connected to the wrong individual. Not too long ago, I had to actually sit with the difficult question of what would my older self tell my younger self after all of these years of living. Well, the number one thing i’d tell myself is “I love you” and then “hold off on relationships for as long as possible and finally, “travel the world”. The great thing about life is, you can keep on living until you can’t live anymore but until then keep going. Do not lose your freedom for anyone and if and when you do decide to commit to any relationship, give freedom and demand freedom at all times. No one is the property of anyone else. Protect your feelings because real is rare and until you are absolutely sure it’s real, do not set yourself up for failure. Keep catching those flights exploring life and ride the wheels until they fall off. A few of my exes gave me the impression that it was them that I needed and that they were the prize but if you know anything about me, then you know I have a point to prove and I’m full of surprises. Passport secured and off to the next destination I go!

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