Don’t Question My Sexy

We had a very interesting conversation in the office today regarding sexuality and the persona behind choosing to dress on the sexier side over modesty. Much of the purposely designed programming that takes place in our society teaches that it is better to be modest rather than boldly making a statement. This particular thought process is somewhat on the robotic side where everyone is pretty much the same and anyone who dares stand out must be policed and corrected. Shockingly, one of the ladies speaking in the conversation stated that women who dressed too sexy are easily controlled and manipulated. I don’t think that i’d ever thought about it like that but hearing the other women’s perspectives taught me a thing or two about the mentality of the world.

On a day to day basis, I don’t usually wear make-up. Every now and again, playing dress up and making myself up feels good to my soul. There has been numerous occasions where I’ve dolled myself up and stepped out with sexy clothes on and got questioned about my appearance. Questuons like, “Why are you wearing makeup?” or “What are you dressed so sexy for?” and the list goes on. Thinking back to those times and how it would shatter my self-confidence took me to a not so good mental space and I know if it bothers me there are others possibly dealing with this reality.

Why are our bodies and non-harmed choices always ridiculed? That is the million dollar question. People should be free to be whoever they wish to be. You have to kind of think of it like that and it’s pretty simple. Why can’t we be who we want? Dress however we want? Whatever makes someone happy is their own choice and has absolutely nothing to do with the opinions of anyone else.

A couple of months ago Hip Hop artist T.I. came under tons of fire after he publicly admitted to escorting his now 18 year old daughter to the gynecologist yearly to get her private are checked for potential sexual activity. T.I. stated that it was strictly for protection but the audience found out that his younger children, that are boys are rumored to be sexually active. Apparently that was not a problem for T.I. as I’m sure he’s never went to such extreme measures to “protect” the young boys who are still minors at that.

We have to take a step back and pay attention to what’s really going on. Are we ourselves upholding forms of restrictions and slavery? It seems that way folks. So it’s up to us to change it and quickly.

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