HER FLOETIC POTIONS Video Ads Introduction

I decided to create social media friendly videos to assist the promotional efforts of the new products available for sale. Yesterday, HER FLOETIC POTIONS Hand And Body Nourishing Restore Cream was just added to the store. Please go to the menu section of the site and click on HER FLOETIC POTIONS PRODUCTS for a detailed description and for purchasing any of the products. Also featured in the video’s will be the paperback copy of my book, Her Floetic Potions. The book is also for sale at $12 and all forms of payments are accepted except personal checks. I named my products Her Floetic Potions as an extension and honor of my book. Writing and publishing my own book was a very dear dream of mine. This company is my second baby after my child Jacarius, so I am putting everything that I have into it. To bring it to life completely. Hopefully you all stay with me along the way and watch the growth of something absolutely special.

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