HER FLOETIC POTIONS Supporters Enjoying Their Samples

Yesterday we had some amazing supporters sampling HER FLOETIC POTIONS Beauty Skincare Products and word is they loved all of them! Here is Lanala and Milady indulging in some sweet self-care treats:

Lanala sampling HER FLOETIC POTIONS Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser

Lanala sampling HER FLOETIC POTIONS Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel
Milady sampling HER FLOETIC POTIONS Hand And Body Nourishing Restore Cream

We are so excited to inform you that on February 23, 2020, HER FLOETIC POTIONS will be having our Grand Opening at an exclusive location for all of our loyal supporters. There will be an abundance of products available for purchase including new products such as HER FLOETIC POTIONS Beard Oil for men, Eye Corrector Serum, Universal Primer and more. Complimentary food, drinks, and entertainment will be on deck. This event is going to be extra fun for all attending. If anything else is added to the grand opening before the date, the update will be posted here on the site. The theme is Fresh Face so everyone should show up with their natural beauty and be ready for on site pampering. Check out our new promotional video below: http://herfloeticpotions.com/her-floetic-potions-products/

Tarell enjoying the Her Floetic Potions Illuminating Universal Primer

Go to HER FLOETIC POTIONS Products page on Menu to order or to read all ingredients used to create the skincare.


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