Breonna’s Law Passed

Three months ago an Emergency Medical Technician was murdered in Louisville Kentucky. The victim, Breonna Taylor laid sleeping in her bed when police forced their way into her apartment with a no-knock warrant.

During the commotion of the break in police fired at Taylor and her spouse over twenty times. Breonna was struck at least eight times which resulted in her untimely demise. The shooting of an innocent law abiding citizen left community members shocked, outraged and confused. The three officers that contributed to Taylor’s death has not been fired nor charged for the crime.

On June 11 2020 the Breonna Taylor’s Law was passed. The law strictly prohibits no-knock warrants. While many celebrated such an enormous victory on the road justice, millions of people around the world feel that it is not enough and justice may not be served until officer Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove are charged and convicted of murder.

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