A Realm Of Poetry

The Oldest War

By Andrea J. Lovings


Illusions of superiority are thrashed upon minorities,

Pardon me, authority, but this ain’t how it ought to be,

Locked in cages,

The prevention to fly,

And the sheeple never question,

Just as long as they get by,

Tell me why.

Beaten, broken and hopeless,

Then told to bow down in the churches.

It’s hard when we’re starving but the pastors are flashy.

Blinded by diamonds, when you drive right past me,

Unbothered in your brand new Bentley.

See, I’m too true to

Fall victim to society.

My minds open,

Paths chosen,

You won’t define my destiny.

For god’s sake,

Unlock the gates,

Set my people free.

Emancipation throughout the nation,

A chance for stability.

The revolution will cease confusion,

It starts with you and me. -AJLovings