Her Floetic Potions LLC was created in February 2020. Our services includes creating and selling luxury organic skincare, hair care and lip care products. All ingredients used to create our beauty products are top of the line and vegan-friendly, toxic-free, and all natural at affordable prices. The CEO/Founder of Her Floetic Potions LLC is also a successful black published author who creates uplifting, truthful inspirational poetry for black people. The books are currently available just as the skincare products for enlightenment and enrichment of the mind, heart, body and soul. Our company strives to provide our communities with the best products and services for many years to come.

I have been on this journey of life long enough to have a story or two to tell and I am finally in my most comfortable state to express with the world my stance on issues that are most important to me. Writing is my first love and has always been therapeutic to my soul. I have been a writer since the early age of twelve. My literature began as short poetry in middle school. I joined a Poetry club by the name of Echo. My first publication made me proud and from that day forward, I knew it was imperative to keep going. For close to five years now I’ve dove deep into research topics such politics, social, economical, spiritual, racial womanism and feminism. These topics are top priority for many all over the world and i’d love to share my views with you all. Now is the time to march head on. Enjoy!

CEO/Founder-Andrea J Williams

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