Andrea’s Thoughts

I recently heard a speech given in regards to women and humbleness, which got me to thinking. In all of my years here on earth, I couldn’t think of a time where women were not humble.

Sitting by idle for centuries as the order-takers declare war after war seemed pretty humble to me. Many of us rarely speak our minds to be honest. There has been massive programming worldwide to control the minds and emotions of women. We were taught to be beautiful and everything else just magically falls into place. Well, that is until the realities of life punches us right in the gut.

Many of us are mother’s raising families. That part is sort of tricky when you think about it. We raise our children yet as life goes on, women literally become order takers from the very children that we’ve raised. The irony is unbelievable. Yes, I will admit, femininity and emotionality can be very similar in the eyes of society however, I believe if more humans tapped into their emotional side, we would make better decisions with our hearts as well as show more compassion in a somewhat cold world.

Femininity is soft and kind and intelligent which should be embraced wholeheartedly. There should be a healthy balance between feminine and masculine. The issue is we have almost totally shut down our emotions and ran this universe with masculine energy where love is placed on the back burner after finances, careers and sex. Somewhere in between would probably help birth a more peaceful existence.

Lastly, I hope through all of the new age awakening that more mothers, sisters, women, ladies and girls would stand up speak up and demand to be heard above all. The days of us backing down needs to be over. It is imperative to take a powerful stance against oppression in every way and that includes classism, sexism, misogyny, sexuality and capitalism. The list goes on and on but we all get the point. The only way to eradicate these massive issues is for women in every corner of the globe to demand a change.

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