Her Floetic Potions Book

I AM so proud to announce to you guys that, I Am officially a published Author. My new book is titled, Her Floetic Potions. I have been writing for many years and one of my biggest dreams was to create and publish my very own book. This book is full of poetry with the intent to tackle various subjects such as spirituality, politics, power, romance and more. It is my deepest hope that you connect with my words on a divine level. I decided to publish some of my most intimate thoughts with the intention of being a bit more transparent. There is a piece written in this book for each of you in some way, I’m sure. I pray that this book inspires more women speak u and speak out in a creative and efficient way. It is essential at this time in our lives. It  is imperative that we lift our voices and are heard at the highest levels. Personally, I had to unshrink myself in order to do that. I welcome you all to dive into this new and exciting chapter with me. Please click on the link below to purchase this informative piece of art!. You may also donate or give tips with the payment button below if you just simply wish to support or congratulate. Thank you so much.

E-Book and Paperback available!

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