Naturally Fabulous

Did you know that all of HER FLOETIC POTIONS Beauty products are vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, natural and cruelty-free? Well if not then now you are aware that we take great pride in the production of our products to ensure our customers are not exposed to any toxicity. Our beauty brand was launched with the intent to provide top of the line premium products with a healthy twist. That is something you don’t see very often and especially at these prices.

HER FLOETIC POTIONS Vegan Skincare Brand

For too many years, I tried beauty product after beauty product with little to no success at tackling my skincare needs. My skin is extremely sensitive so all of the products that I was using would immediately give me breakouts which left me worse off than when I started. Not only that but it was not good for my bank account. This left me and family and friends searching for special skincare that was also natural. Most of the products in stores that we came across were very expensive, which was another problem. I even know people close to me that had to pay hundreds of dollars just to have one or two facial products custom made by dermatologists just to avoid acne and breakouts. Witnessing and experiencing these major issues left us with one choice, and that was to create an affordable solution to our dilemma. The birth of HER FLOETIC POTIONS came to life with the help of amazing partners who we are so grateful to join with. Our brand is of nothing but the best quality ingredients designed with everyday consumers in mind who takes great pride in their self-care without having to break the bank.

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