Murder In Minneapolis

The world watched as the tragic death of George Floyd unfolded on video. Floyd was a native of Houston, Texas and a high school football star for Jack Yates Senior High where he played the position of Tight End. The city of Houston had undeniable love for Floyd and always remembered him for his amazing talent on the football fields back in the day. Those great memories have now been tainted by a nightmare of images lingering in the publics minds of Floyd taking his last breath on camera.

The man caught on tape choking the life out of George Floyd is a now former Minneapolis Police Officer by the name of Derek Chauvin. Chauvin appears to be intentionally cutting off the circulation of Floyd as Floyd begs for mercy for at least five minutes. Recent photos are re-surfacing of Chauvin wearing a white supremacist hat as you can see below:

Minneapolis Police were responding to a call that a man was attempting to commit forgery via a check. According to the officers on the scene and caught up in this whole situation claimed that Floyd was resisting arrest which then lead to excessive force and restraint. On one of the videos of the heartbreaking scene you can clearly see at least four MPD officers on top of Floyd as he lay there crying and pleading for air. The video shows him calling out to his mother for help. It appears as if Floyd had an eary feelinh that it was indeed his last day on earth. Something we’ve seen far too many times throughout history. Ultimately the officer who played the biggest part in the death of Floyd is none other than Derek Chauvin, who held his knee on George’s neck for nearly ten minutes without any concern that he was being filmed and many witnesses screaming for him to release the victim from his death hold.

According to other sources, Floyd had relocated to Minnesota for career purposes which is all the more reason for the public’s confusion during this untimely event. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey held an intense press conference announcing his dissatisfaction with the four officers and that all four police officers had been fired. Mayor Frey admitted that untrue statements and accusations had been allegedly made by the officers in regards to George Floyd. The death of Floyd has since then sparked outrage in communities around the world on Tuesday and especially in Minneapolis. See video below as citizens protest throughout the streets seeking justice for yet another victim of police brutality.

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